Debauchery and vices in the Al Saud family will ruin the country

Vladimir Alexeev

05 december 2014

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been the focus of numerous experts on the Middle East, many of them, noting the increased role in regional affairs of the kingdom after a series of "color" revolutions in the Arab world and the last steps of Riyadh in the interests of the US oil dumping on the world market nevertheless indicate that while this richest country in the Arab world is on the verge of radical change and even the possibility of extinction as a state. Moreover, almost all analysts agree that the ruling dynasty Al Saud, has long been an obstacle to the modernization and reform of the country, more and more degraded, plunging into all mortal sins and vices, and not perceiving soberly taking place in and around the CSA complex political processes. And that is dangerous for the world - continues to promote Islamic radicalism, extremism and terrorism.

The main sponsor of terrorism in the world

One of the main reasons that the national security of the kingdom rapidly growing threat, calling into question the very preservation of Saud as a unified state in its present form, is a stubborn adherence to the royal family support terrorist and extremist organizations and groups with which Riyadh often sells its foreign policy ambitions in the Arab and Islamic world, toppling unwanted rulers, spreading Islamism Salafi type and unleashing wars and conflicts in neighboring countries with a view to easing. Essentially, Saudi Arabia has itself become extremist and terrorist state, not only within the country where the rule of society by means of brutal suppression of dissent of any kind of ideological and political to religious-based discrimination Shiite minority, gross violations of human rights and freedoms , violence and police terror.

His vision of modernity Al Saud imposed throughout the Arab world, making it by force, that is open-ended in 2011. Before that everything was done secretly, through the financing of terrorist and extremist movements, ideological and religious training "cadres" Salafis in special schools, training the military field commanders and fighters on its territory and in the countries bordering zones conflicts. Going from 2011 to the open interference in the internal affairs of Arab and Islamic countries, KSA just dropped the mask of decency state, claiming to be the defender of the interests of all Muslims in the world. And the victims of this are already Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, plunged at the behest and with the direct involvement of the Al Saud in the abyss of war and civil strife. Well-known and best allies KSA: "Al-Qaeda" and its regional branches, "Muslim Brotherhood" numerous jihadist groups, "Dzhabhat en Nusra" and, until recently, "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant", while this structure is not published in June from the control of their creators and Saudi hosts.

The conscience of the rulers of Saudi Salafis killed tens of thousands of civilians, including women and children, the most vile and heinous methods - from cutting heads to public eating the internal organs while still being alive. That alone is enough to bring to the international court in The Hague, the aged King Abdullah and his security forces led by Prince Bandar, the now former head of intelligence KSA, for crimes against humanity within the kingdom, as well as in the aforementioned Arab and Islamic countries, also for the genocide against the Shiites in Saudi Arabia, and the Sunnis, too. A good place to start would be to put all of them in a cage and hold in places "military glory" where their money and at their direction to commit atrocities.

And look for specific evidence is needed. Just remember that all of it is organized at the state level through Idarat Hayat al-Dawa wal wal buhus-Irshad (organization based in Riyadh), commonly known as Hayat al-Dawa and the "Front" in Mecca - Muslim World League (Rabitat Al Alam al-Islami), which is the highest military command "Wahhabi-Salafi. This is - the main financial and institutional arrangements Wahhabi-Salafi activities around the world. They are generously funded by the Saudi government. And that the Saudi government appoints the leader of the Salafis. In addition, the content of Al Saud family is Aal Al-Sheikh (in translation - the family of Sheikh), which consists of the descendants of Muhammad Abdel Wahhab and occupies second place after the KSA them the prestige. In fact the head of the Ministries of Justice, Religious Affairs, National Mufti and head of the head of the Salafi Al-Dawa organization (as well as persons holding a number of other positions, such as chief of the royal protocol) come originally from the clan Aal Al-Sheikh. This - the Wahhabi Salafi political leadership. In words condemning too radical Salafist takfiritov, the royal family actually funded Salafi movement. It must Wahhabis laws of historical origin, as the Al Saud clan was elected to the board of Arabia, as well as using them to confront the Shiite Khomeinism ideas, which Al Saud fear most and fear like the plague.

Complete moral decay Al Saud family

But terrorism - this is only part of the problem of the royal dynasty. No less serious threat to its continued existence is an extreme moral decay of most members of the clan of Al Saud and the so-called princes, whose number exceeds 300 people. And the most senior laid on the Status of members of the royal family.

In the first place of the vices worth sexual debauchery. King, the Crown Prince and their relatives close-makers, including in public administration - is polygamists, often married to almost a little girl or a young girl with a difference in age of 40-50 years. Hence - the numerous offspring, and that is this huge community of "princes" of royal blood. If before the institution of polygamy in Islam served Muslims for the rapid increase in the number of Bedouin Arabs who made up the backbone of the army of Muhammad and the subsequent Arab conquerors, as well as to secure positions in the conquered territories by marriage with representatives of local elites, in a world where the vast most Muslims have one, maximum two wives, the Saudi rulers use it to satisfy their sexual desires. And in KSA quite normal is considered part of getting rid of the old way of divorce their wives and marry with the new, young women. For dynasty Al Saud is quite normal if "sheikh" in their 65-70 years old marries 18-year-old girl. And if the wife is small, then there is the institution of concubines, who was only in conservative monarchies of Arabia, mainly in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And there may be many concubines - sometimes their number reaches hundreds. The girls are bought in all corners of the globe - from blond to black African women evropeek. Moreover, according to those who at one time was a member of the inner circle of members of the clan of Al Saud, but then fell into disgrace and fled the kingdom, the Saudis are very active practice of collective sex, making love with several wives and concubines at the same time. Relationship with a woman, "Sheikh" or "Prince" can not be satisfied. In this case, the natural sexual relations with women, too, are not enough: hence - the use of oral and anal sex. All this is described in detail in the book of Jean Sasson "Princess. True story of life under the veil in Saudi Arabia "( ).

And some for sex is also important and the status of women. For example, the stories of the "inside", a senior Al Saud willed dark-skinned Condoleezza Rice in her when he was Secretary of State. Argue that for sex with her "Sheikh" was willing to put 5 million. Dollars. The interesting thing is that after one of his visits to Riyadh at the head of the US State Department appeared expensive diamond set. And she was an ardent supporter of the development of the strategic partnership between Washington and Riyadh. Although in theory, an American female politician, and even dark-skinned, had to seek an end to discrimination against women in Saudi society, and not to indulge absolute monarchy governed by sexual perverts.

A sexual orgies representatives Al Saud family should be added and other "entertainment" absolutely immoral plan. And in the first place - is homosexuality (sodomy). Not being a homosexual by nature, many Saudis satisfy their sexual lust with men as with women it is not quite interesting. And do it in a very distorted form, after reading the relevant literature published in the West. It is clear that when he was a Bedouin goatherd and verblyudopasami Al Saud is practiced in the absence of women. But now, when for their petrodollars they can buy almost all accessible and inaccessible beauties anywhere in the world, this is no way to justify the nitty-gritty of life of the shepherd in the Rub al-Khali. For "active" gay-Saudis preferable, according to "experts" from within the Kingdom, European men, passive - blacks, Arabs or Pakistanis.

Another sin, which is subject to many "decent" royals KSA - is pedophilia, which thrives in "Prince" and "sheikhs" not as a natural defect from birth, but simply a moral perversion of satiety due to an excess of petrodollars. And in the course are, and young girls and boys. Especially popular are blue-eyed children - blondes from Europe, where a lot of money buying in poor families with many children. But if you want and like, and parents do not go to such transactions, then it comes to the banal and simple kidnapping and delivery of children's special plane Al Saud clan under the cover of diplomatic passports. Apparently, in Washington knows this, but prefer to pretend that it is not up to date. After dealing with a regime where the ball is ruled polygamists, sexual predators, pedophiles and homosexuals - it is a shame and a threat to come under strong criticism of its own human rights organizations. That's close to the White House eyes to "pranks" representatives "blue blood" Al Saud. The most important thing for the American elite - the presence of the royal family KSA trillion petrodollars, not high morals.

Yes, that really there, though contrary to write about it, but also in the course of bestiality members of Al Saud dynasty. Apparently, mating with animals - from dogs to sheep and camels, it is only for some "sheikhs" and "princes" a way to satisfy their sexual fantasies when sex with people already sick. Looking for animals. Especially that the ancestors of Al Gardens, grazing goats in the desert, too, were doing. But, they did it in the absence of other ways to have sex, and even 1500 years ago, when the Bedouins of Arabia morality were at the Stone Age. This may partly explain the fact that the Saudi sponsors are not averse to finance armed extremist organizations, the gunmen who most brutally victimized prisoners, hostages and civilians. Animals because animals prefer.

Against this background, drug and alcohol abuse among the total Al Saud seem childish. Prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the CSA, the royal family is the main controller of contraband alcohol in the amount of 3.4 billion. USD. Per year. After the oil - is the second largest source of income "princes." The main channels of importation of alcoholic beverages - Jordan and Dubai, where the whiskey goes directly into the multi-ton wagons. The bottle is then "Black Label", which stands $ 30. In duty free-shop, sell his subjects for the same $ 200. Do not disdain anything. Including drug trafficking.

Saudi Arabia is doomed

With this government, in the light of the development of internal processes in the Kingdom and around it is clear that Saudi Arabia is simply doomed to collapse and disintegration. Al Saud today - one of the few royal families who have absolute power in the country. All positions in the government and in the regions occupied by representatives of Al Saud, who are appointed by the king. Today, the head of the dynasty is King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and the total number of Saudis reaches 25 thousand people. The current 90-year-old ruler, son of the first king of KSA Abdullah was born in August 1924. He was one of 37 sons of the first king. He received a traditional Islamic education at the court under the guidance of his father, but spent much time in the desert with his mother, which was used to Bedouin lifestyle. Abdullah became the new king of Saudi Arabia in 2005, inherited the title "Servant of the Two Holy Places." King Abdullah is the richest state leader, according to the rating of the magazine "Forbes", composed in 2006, his personal fortune was $ 21 billion. He has a "bouquet" of diseases, and in fact he can not rule the country, often disappearing from sight for months for treatment. The second man in the kingdom - Crown Prince Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud was born December 31, 1935, that is, it is almost 80 years old. He is also the son of the first king of Saudi Arabia. Prince Salman was appointed heir to the throne and the first deputy prime minister in June 2012 after the death of his brother, Crown Prince Naif, has become the third heir of the reign of King Abdullah, who died of old age and disease, one after another. In recent years, he suffered a stroke, so that his left hand does not work, and in August 2010 he had surgery on his spine. Also, there were rumors that he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Factor indirectly undermining the unity of the ruling family, is the second generation of the Al Saud - the so-called young prince who generally 60 years. This group is headed by middle managers in a number of key agencies involved in the most important positions in the governorates, the armed forces, the National Guard, the secret services, conduct successful business. Get Higher secular education in the West, "the young prince" is often not satisfied with the dual course of the country's leadership, aimed at preserving the Islamic traditions of the 17th century as the basis of existence of the Saudi state and at the same time to carry out modernization, as well as a minor degree of their participation in public affairs. The informal leader of the "young prince" - Walid bin Talal, a leading representative of the business world in the Middle East, included in the "top ten" holders of the largest personal fortunes. And he was clearly eager for power, but is unlikely to get it. And the most powerful man among the "grandchildren" - Prince Bandar bin Sultan was recently removed from the post of the head of special services for the failures in Syria and Iraq. In these circumstances it is difficult to predict what will happen to the CSA after death of King Abdullah. Unless, of course, the CSA will not collapse under the pressure before the internal and external factors.


Stoking the "color" revolutions in the Arab world at his side, encouraging extremism and terrorism in the region, came into sharp confrontation with Shiite Iran and Iraq, reducing the price of oil in favor of the United States and to its detriment, Saudi Arabia received a hostile environment around the perimeter its borders - Syria, Iraq, Yemen. Created on money KSA LIH has already announced a few days ago on the distribution of their jihad to the territory of the kingdom. There was a new outbreak of violence against Shiite Eastern Province. The first symbolic attacks have occurred. The situation inside the country glowed. In these circumstances, it is clear that the ruling Al Saud dynasty, consisting of elderly and sick perverts, homosexuals, pedophiles and bestiality, can not resist the external and internal threats. The collapse of the kingdom will be the natural end of the reign of the Bedouin Al Saud family, which created 85 years ago, an artificial state, while relying on the United Kingdom. And it is unlikely that someone will be surprised.



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